Keynote Speaker

Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS

"The Transition Man"


Opening Keynote General Session
Tuesday, August 10, 2021
9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Royal Ballroom - Hyatt Orange County


Embracing The Winds of Change: Adjust Your Sails: How to Get People To Embrace Change and Achieve Excellence

Are the changes in today's world an opportunity for prosperity or a pain in the neck? Change is everywhere and when it comes to change there are many challenges from how to benefit from it to how the change will be embraced by the people in your organization. In this entertaining and informative program, we will discuss how claims professionals can effectively navigate through the uncertainties of change and succeed.

Closing Keynote General Session
Wednesday, August 11, 2021
2:15 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Royal Ballroom - Hyatt Orange County

They're Driving Me Crazy: How to Deal with Difficult People 
in the Workplace and in Life

Difficult people are everywhere. They affect our productivity at work and the quality of our personal lives. In this program, we will discuss communications and conflict management techniques for dealing with difficult people and methods for strengthening workplace relationships and team collaboration when with dealing personal and business challenges.


About Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell: Million Dollar Sales Producer, Keynote Speaker and Author, Johnny is the founder of Rise-Up and Win International an organization that helps clients turn their Professional Challenges into Breakthroughs & their Products and Services into Profits. Johnny currently provides business professionals with strategic direction on how to improve their Presentations skills, Social Media Campaigns, Business Networking skills and Sales efforts. Johnny’s primary expertise is in Team Management, Lead Generation and Sales Conversion methods for revenue enhancement. Johnny also provides organizations with customize programs on Leadership, Change, Conflict Resolution, Success, Sales, LinkedIn Sales Training Marketing and Communication skills.

Johnny gained his team management and sales expertise in the Insurance industry where he worked as a corporate sales trainer and participated in leading hundreds of people through multiple Corporate Downsizings and Mergers. Based on Johnny’s sales results, experiences and his ability to help clients overcome their challenges and succeed in their businesses he is called: “The Transition Man.”

Johnny is a Past-President of the National Speaker association for state of Illinois and is an accredited Speaker a designation presented by Toastmaster International and held by only (75) professional speakers in the world for excellence in public speaking. Upon receiving this designation Johnny became in 2007 the first African American under the age of 40 to hold this designation, and at age 35 was one of the youngest Toastmasters in the world to earn Toastmasters highest communication designation.

Johnny’s ongoing mission is to help people overcome the personal and professional challenges of life, so they can have More Success, More Money and More Happiness in their life- Starting Today.

Notable Achievements and Honors:
• President of National Speaker Association – Illinois Chapter (2012 to 2013)
• 2007 Earn the Designation of Accredited Speaker from Toastmaster International
• 2007 Wordsmith of the year for NSA-IL Chapter
• Completed over (1900) presentations, (Keynotes/Trainings)
• Sold Millions of Dollars of Products & Services (In-person, Online & TV)
• Author of (6) books on: Personal Development, Change, Sales, Social Media, Presentation skills and Conflict Resolution skills
• Social Media Expert: Co-founder of iFBtv – Interactive Facebook Television Platform
The #1 LinkedIn Sales Trainer for the Promotional Product Industry